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Serving Veterans and Their Families

The Dale K. Graham Veterans Foundation exists to live out its mission of serving military veterans and their families by sharing its collective knowledge and experience to help with the Veterans Administration claims process. We make this possible through our different programs that uplift veteran families and provide them with the benefits and resources they deserve. 

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Claims Assistance Process 

The Dale K. Graham Veterans Foundation's Claim Assistance Program walks veterans and their families through every step of the VA Disability Claims Process from start to finish. Beginning in our computer lab or on our website to sign necessary forms to working side-by-side with one of our highly experienced team members to review evidence and file your claim, you and your family will be taken care of every step of the way. 

Emergency Aid Program 

The Dale K. Graham Veterans Foundation's Emergency Aid Program provides veterans and their families with referrals and resources for food, housing, immediate mental health help, employment, and other critical needs. The program offers medical vouchers for veterans displaying financial need to attend diagnostic medical appointments, emergency rent and utility assistance, and medical equipment. 

Out of the 2,922 veterans and military family members who received services from the Dale K. Graham Veterans Foundation in 2021, 39.49% received referrals and resources for other critical needs outside of claims assistance.

Free Remote 
Patient Monitoring

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Dale K. Graham Veterans Foundation has partnered with Pro Athletes Team to bring awareness of this new Medicare Benefit that is available to ALL Medicare Members.  Dale K. Graham Veterans Foundation strongly encourages all members who have Medicare to Register Today and increase awareness of your personal health.  This new healthcare technology is Fully Covered by Medicare with absolutely No out-of-pocket cost to Medicare Members. 

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