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Already processing a claim with us?

Visit our secure client portal to review the current status of your claim, see any next steps, and contact your representative.

File a claim and get the benefits you deserve.

The Dale K Graham Veterans Foundation helps thousands of Veterans and their families each year successfully file for VA benefits. We’re dedicated to helping you navigate the disability claims and pension process — entirely free of charge. We are excited to open our doors fully on July 11th to begin taking new clients and processing new claims.

To get started with us, come to the Foundation any time between 9 AM and 12 PM Monday through Thursday on or after July 11th. 

When you arrive at the Foundation to begin your claim, you'll start with filling out our First Forms, which consist of an intake questionnaire, a VA Form 21-22 (power of attorney), and a VA form 0966 (intent to file). When coming to the Foundation to complete these First Forms, please bring the following documentation with you:

  • A copy of your DD-214

  • Past award breakdown letters with percentages

  • Pertinent medical records and history

For more information on the disability claim filing process, click here.

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