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In Honor of Roy Welchel

One of the things I enjoy when working with veterans is being able to hear their stories. One of the World War II Army Veterans who we assisted in 2007 was one of those you couldn't forget. Mr. Roy Welchel lived in the Blanchard and Dibble, Oklahoma areas for many years. He was on board a ship that sank during the Normandy Invasion. After being rescued from the sea he was transported back to England for hospital treatment after nearly drowning.

After he was released from the hospital, he was returned to duty for the rest of the war. After the war ended, he was a part of the occupying forces. Roy served honorably in the US Army from April 3, 1943 to August 4, 1947. All of us at our Foundation are very proud to have been able to make difference in the lives of Roy and his family.

His obituary reads: Roy Alexander Welchel, 98, of Blanchard, died, Thursday, April 21, 2022, at his home. The son of Richard Simpson Welchel and Lillie Melissa (Parker) Welchel, he was born on June 1, 1923, in Wapanucka, Oklahoma. Roy married Patsy (Dewbre) on December 24, 1951, in Blanchard, Oklahoma.

He was a hard-working man all his life. Roy proudly served his country in the United States Army. He was a Christian in faith and was a member of the First Baptist Church of Cole. Roy had a love of agriculture and especially loved his cows. In his spare time, he enjoyed dancing, playing dominoes, and spending time with his family whom he loved deeply.

A funeral service will be at 2:00 P.M., Saturday, April 23, 2022, at the First Baptist Church of Cole, in Cole, Oklahoma. Burial will follow at the Fairview Cemetery in Tuttle, Oklahoma.

Thank you to OU Kappa Sigma for hosting the first Annual Inter-Fraternal Basketball Tournament in honor of our Foundation and the Women’s Auxiliary of Norman. The event raised $5,321! These types of events not only work as excellent fundraisers but also help create public awareness for the veteran community. We encourage anyone who likes to host parties or wants to support veterans to consider hosting a fundraiser.

We are continuing to work on the of backlog of veterans claims who have asked for our help.

VA Claims can be confusing, and our team is here to help.

If you have questions about your claim or your next steps, our process slide may help. We also encourage you to come into the Foundation where you can ask questions and access our computer lab.

We are open to active clients:

Mon: 9 AM-12

Tue: 9 AM-12

Wed: 9 AM-12

Thur: 9 AM-12

Every day that we volunteer someone will come in who is having difficulty with financial or health issues who needs our assistance. Our volunteers are here to make a difference in the lives of veterans and their families.

We are continually looking for others who would like to be a part of what we do for veterans and their families. Training is provided in person or digitally on a weekly basis. Please consider becoming a volunteer with the Dale K Graham Veterans Foundation. Volunteer applications are available HERE.

To donate to our Foundation, you can click the red button on this email or mail a check to Dale K. Graham Veterans Foundation, 1233 West Lindsay, Norman, OK, 73069.

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